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Hi It's Me!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hi there, nice to meet ya! I'm Abbey a fashion, editorial, creative portrait photographer. I absolutely love my job and feel so lucky to be able to do what I love every day! And my favorite part of my job is working with you and getting to create an incredible unique experience for each client. I'm all about getting to know each person who steps in front of my camera and letting their personality shine!

If you've got an idea, let me know and I'll help you bring it to life! Let's create some magic!

What Are They Saying?


Gosh where do I begin? Abbey is uh-mazing!!! A+++!!!

She is extremely talented, creative, professional, warm, friendly all wrapped in one. Her portfolio speaks for itself. I could just tell my photos were going to be awesome when she started laying down on the floor at Legion of Honor just to get “the shots” ;) That’s dedication! She comes prepared. She knew the looks we wanted to get and she definitely made our vision board come to life!

I was nervous it would be awkward but Abbey makes sure you are comfortable and helps ease you into the shoot. She guides you with poses and tells you exactly what to do which I loved! She’s a certified hype woman! She makes you feel cool and beautiful. She makes you look cool and beautiful. Her work is outstanding and she delivers ahead of time!

Lastly, if I were to pick my favorite part about the shoot, it would have to be the polaroids she takes after your session. You keep one and she keeps one for remembrance. I thought it was so sweet and personable, it makes her stand out above the rest. 100% going to be working with Abbey again!!!

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ABBEY IS FREAKING A MAGICAL QUEEN!!! 👑 She took me on a full day branding shoot adventure and it was a BLAST! I am a mom of 4 little ones and running my own business, so doing 6-12 months of brand photos in ONE DAY was so dang worth it! Working with Abbey was amazing from when I first inquired. Planning a full day branding shoot is a big project and she guided me in the process so well. You can tell truly cares about you as she does an amazing job of understanding who you are, so she can represent all of your YOUNESS in the experience she provides and the photos she captures.

Abbey is unique and provides out of the box ideas and that is one of the top reasons why I wanted her as my photographer. She has a plethora of ideas, backdrops, location ideas, and styling guidance to make the shoot so unique! I did not want those typical bright white or computer on the beach photos because every person is so colorful in their own way and I felt that was not a good representation of me. Abbey captured ME so well! I felt like me during the shoot. She continually pumped me up, provided positive words of affirmation, and had dang high energy throughout the whole day! She even checked on me continually on how I was feeling and made sure FOOD (very important) was in our day timeline, so the experience was enjoyable. SHE IS A QUEEN!

Having a gallery full of diverse photos is also huge asset for my business. I mean I look at the gallery and I now never have to think..."oh I need this picture or that picture for this content." because I HAVE IT ALL at my fingertips. That is a huge feeling of relief.

Most of all I left the shoot feeling more confident and excited about being me! There is not price value I could put on my experience with Abbey because it is was unforgettable and an invaluable experience!

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I had such an incredible experience with Abbey. I needed content for my business, instagram, website and marketing. I h gave her some info about my brand & the look I was going for and she planned EVERYTHING.


I am clueless when it comes to posing, finding the best locations & even clothing...but she gave me suggestions for everything and planned a full day of perfect locations. My favorite part of the experience was going from location to location, taking incredible photos along the way. I felt SO comfortable the entire time, even though I am typically uncomfortable in front of the camera, Abbey makes it easy.


I am so impressed with the photos... they are so professional and they are FUN. And her creativity is beyond what what I could have ever planned for myself. From a one day experience, now I have content for my brand & business for MONTHS :) I will definitely be hiring her again for more photos.


The experience by far exceeded all of expectations. If any part of you is considering working with Abbey... DO IT!!!!! You won't regret it. I know I didn't. I have worked with upwards of 15 photographers, and this is by far the best best experience I've had, and no to mention the best photos I've ver gotten. Thank you Abbey!!!

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