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Saturday April 9th in Sacramento

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Our Editorial Content Day

Ok here are all the details for you!

When creating this content day we wanted to make sure we were offering more than just photos. We want to create an incredible experience where you'll get to work with professional models, shoot incredible sets, get your own branding photos, and gain education on how to use these photos to further your business and market yourself.


We really want to help YOU grow!

What do you gain by attending our Content Day?
1. Build your Editorial and Creative portfolio in just a day
2. Have the opportunity of working professional models.
3. Learn how to direct and pose from both Jordyn and Abbey

4. Get professional and creative headshots taken by both Jordyn and Abbey on both studio sets custom made for the event.

5. You'll learn how to attract your dream client with you new portfolio and how to market yourself during our education workshop

6. You'll get the opportunity to build community with like-minded creatives


What will the day look like?

We have such a jam packed dayyyyyy!!


There will be 4 styled shoots; 2 on location and 2 in studio. You'll have the opportunity to get your photos taken by both Jordyn and Abbey in our indoor studio sets. We'll have 2 hours of education and workshop midday, as well as a provided lunch.


So many fun things to do in just one day :)


How many spots are available?


How many spots are open?

Our main goal is to provide and intimate experience where you'll have the opportunity to gain education, shoot amazing sets, and work alongside other amazing creatives within your community. We really value each and everyone of you and want to make sure you get the quality time and education that you deserve without getting lost in the crowd. 


Spots are limited

Apply here to secure your spot!

How does it work?

Once we look over all the applications, we will send out our accpetance emails. When you receive your acceptance email, in order to secure your spot, you pay the deposit, and then you are all in. The second payment will be due a week before the Content Day. Easy Peasy!!!

Set 3: Studio Flower Set

This set is about to unreal! We are going for those Harry Styles vibes here! We are going to have a lovely flowery studio set, with opportunity to play with some fun lighting here. 

Check out our amazing model for this set, Chris!


We have some incredible sets lined up!! Check them out!

Set 1 : The Field

We are going to be out in a beautiful field with three amazing models. We are going for very soft dreamy makeup looks here and lots of flowing fabric. We will be bringing out backdrops to add different colors and texture to the look.

Check out our models for this set!


Set 2 : Funky Foil Editorial

We will be creating this custom set for this shoot for you all. With a reflective mylar/foil backdrop, this is going to be so much fun to shoot. We are going for bold colors, bold posing, bold makeup. Time to get crazy!

We have the incredibly talented Dasha as our model for this set, check her out here!

Want to check out our mood boards?!

Set 4 : Vintage Car Craziness


This set is so amazing we needed to create two mood boards to fit all the amazingness!

For this set we are going for dark, crazy vibes. think lots of leather, biker couple, crazy facial expressions and all that goodness!

We have an incredible vintage car that we will be using for the shoot, this is going to be absolute madness. 

We'll be shooting the first portion right before sun down and then shooting into blue hour for our second look. We'll be brining colorful lights so we can set up some cinematic shots as the sun goes down.

Check out our two incredible models here!


But wait, there is more!!!

We are partnering up with Cine Packs Filters  for this event! 

We will have all of their filters available at our content day for you to shoot with, to add that extra pizzazz to your photos.

We are so excited to get to work with such a wonderful company and give your chance to try out all their amazing fun gadgets!

Click here to check out Cine Packs Filters and what they are all about!


Who are your hosts?



Abbey Anderson

Abbey is an educator and a fashion, editorial, creative photographer based in Sacramento.

She is very passionate about using color, emotion, and movement in her photos to create eye catching images. She's all about putting care and attention into each shoot to make it the best possible experience for her clients.

She is ranked the number one editorial photographer in Sacramento and is extremely honored to be so.

Abbey is always looking for new ways to step out of the box and can't wait to share all her tips and tricks for creating editorials with you all!

Check out more of her work here!


Jordyn Moore


Jordyn has always had a passion for photography. She grew up taking photos of her classmates which lead into taking photos of landscapes. Since she got a DSLR at the age of 16, she has taken portraits. Fast forward to present day, she now has been published in various magazines, coordinates photo events, and owns a photo studio in Sacramento. 

It’s very important to Jordyn that her clients feel comfortable and confident. That’s why she puts a lot of care into the whole photoshoot experience and the editing process to provide captivating images. Her creativity is shown mainly through set design/locations, color, and posing. 

Check out more of her work here!

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