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Day 3 - Editing

Ready to set yourself up for success?



Interested in help growing your business? Mastering your craft? Ready to start booking dream clients? Ready to stop booking $100 shots and start booking $3k+ shoots? Ready to create a solid foundation for a sustainable creative photography business? I gottchu!

My comprehensive DIY course; Laying a Foundation takes you through it all. Giving you all the guidance you need to create a solid foundation for your business to set you up to scale your business. I cover how to set up client communication systems, how to direct and pose, editing processes and techniques, and how to effectively market yourself.

Whats included?

  • 32 lessons

  • 5 hours of video instruction

  • Email templates

  • Worksheets, templates, and guides

  • A step by step plan on how to build a foundation for your business​

Are you ready to up-level your business?

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