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Attracting Your Dream Clients Masterclass

Ready to set yourself up for success?



Interested in help growing your business? Mastering your craft? Ready to start booking dream clients? Ready to stop booking $100 shots and start booking $3k+ shoots? Ready to create a solid foundation for a sustainable creative photography business? I gottchu!

My comprehensive DIY course; Laying a Foundation takes you through it all. Giving you all the guidance you need to create a solid foundation for your business to set you up to scale your business. I cover how to set up client communication systems, how to direct and pose, editing processes and techniques, and how to effectively market yourself.​

Whats included?

  • 32 lessons

  • 5 hours of video instruction

  • Email templates

  • Worksheets, templates, and guides

  • A step by step plan on how to build a foundation for your business​

Are you ready to up-level your business?

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