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Day 1 - Prepping and Planning

Check out my Getting Started Guide

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Ready to take your business to the next level? 

I've learned so much about business and photography since launching my business, and there is so much I wish I would have know when I launched. So I wrote it all down. Everything I wish I had known!

This is a 35 page guide packed full of information about how to set up your business, how to market yourself, finding your dream clients, up-leveling your photos and so much more. 

Includes videos as well!

The perfect intro the the ins and outs of getting started with your creative photography business!

Day 2 - Directing and Posing

Ready to set yourself up for success?



Interested in help growing your business? Mastering your craft? Ready to create a solid foundation for a sustainable creative photography business? I gottchu!


My comprehensive DIY course; Laying a Foundation takes you through it all. Giving you all the guidance and basics you need to create a solid foundation for your business. I cover how to set up client communication systems, how to direct and pose, editing processes and techniques, and how to effectively market yourself.

Whats included?

  • 32 lessons

  • 5 hours of video instruction

  • Email templates

  • Worksheets, templates, and guides

  • A step by step plan on how to build a foundation for your business​

Are you ready to up-level your business?

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Day 3 - Editing

Want more one on one help?



Need help figuring out what your next step is? Ready to work on more individualized strategy for your business? Ready to work on more of your photoshop and editing skills? Whatever it is you are needing help on, I gottchu!

My one on one calls are just the space to deep dive into any subject of your choosing!

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