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5 Way to Make Self Portraiture Easy

1. Prep a mood board

Prepping a mood board is so helpful. I use Pinterest to create mood board for every shoot. It gives you an idea for posing and the mood of your photos. Its like a road map, and anytime you

feel lost in your shoot, you can always come back and reference it.

2. Prep multiple outfits that make you feel confident

Prep your outfits beforehand so you aren’t scrambling and stressed. Pick out outfits that make you feel truly beautiful and confident. Have multiple looks so you can switch things up and get creative with your looks once you start shooting

3. Get prepped and ready

Do your makeup hair nails, listen to music, treat this as self care. Get ready and make it fun. Self portraits are a form of self care for me, and so is getting ready for them. Pamper yourself, do your nails, turn on your favorite album, take your time and do some fun makeup, have fun with it

4. Remember to give yourself grace

Don’t go too hard on yourself. Photos are just like any other skill, it takes practice. You can’t expect to be an expert or perfect right when you start. The first 15-30 minutes of your set may feel awkward, the photos may not look great, give yourself time! You’ll find your groove! Keep pushing on, once you get past the first 30 minutes its all easier from there!

Also remember that you aren’t going to a pro the first time either. Remember just to have fun and enjoy the process!

5. Turn on your favorite music

Put on music to set the mood. Whatever mood you are going for, whether its dreamy or moody or happy, having music that matches the vibe makes a world of difference. I alway

s make a playlist of my favorite songs for whatever look I’m doing. It helps me get lost in the flow and puts me at ease and make posing a breeze.

Here are a few of my playlists I love to use for my self portraits


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