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A Fab San Francisco Birthday Shoot

What's the best way to celebrate your birthday?

Answer: Dress up a fancy ball gown and waltz around the city!

And that is exactly what we did! Maxine is simply a QUEEN and I was so happy I got the chance to photograph her on her 18th birthday! We did two looks. The first was a short pink tulle dress with a wrap around white fur shawl (WOWOW, Maxine looked sooooo good) and then the second look was a long black ball gown (Again I have to say it WOWOWW Maxine looked so goooood!!)

We decided to shoot in the financial district in San Francisco and the Palace of Fine Arts. But on the way to our first location we ended up finding the San Francisco City Hall and had to stop there to take some pictures first because it was so beautiful!

We had so much fun running around the city taking photos!

When we finally made it to the Palace of Fine Arts the sun was starting to go down and we were going to stop because we were losing light but then they had these really cool orange lights lining the whole structure, and decided to just keep shooting because the photos were looking so cool. We ended up getting these really cool moody orange light photos that we never expected, and I could not be more happy about how this photoshoot turned out!

Maxine was such a birthday QUEEN! Just look at her go!


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