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What Does a Full Day Branding Shoot Look Like?

I recently had the absolute pleasure of shooting Dana’s brand shoot. This was such an honor since I admire Dana’s work and Dana as a person so much! Dana is an elopement and adventure photographer as well as an educator and coach. She wanted to do a branding shoot for her business to help her with her marketing, website, Instagram, and all that fun stuff. But she wanted her shoot to be a little different than a normal branding shoot, she wanted to think outside the box. I was so excited to be able to create a special unique shoot for her. We started off with 3 hours of studio shooting and finished with 3 hours of on location shooting with a HUGE lunch break in the middle to replenish our energy!

We did some simple shots on different backdrops in a few different outfits to give Dana a variety of options, and these are where we got our more classic headshots and branding photos. Then we started to get a little funky with it, for our next two sets.

Dana is an adventure photographer and is often hiking to locations with her clients, she is such a fun outdoorsy photographer and that is reflected in her photos. I wanted to find a way to bring that adventurous spirit into our session without having to go to the mountains, so I bought a projector, and brought the mountains to her.

Then, I pulled out a leaf blower! I had seen this idea before and thought we could put a really fun spin on it! I wanted to go for a fun editorial vibe. Dana ended up lookin like she was on the front of CoverGirl! They turned out stunning!

After this, we drove to Old Folsom, stopped for lunch and an ice cream break, took a few shots there, and then moved onto our last location, Folsom Lake! We stopped at two locations here, a green field and a lavender field. This is where we pulled out some of those super fun pieces, fur jackets, sparkly robes and frilly dresses!

We had an absolute blast shooting all day together, and we were able to create so much content for Dana and her brand! In total we were able to do 17 different looks/sets and 8 different locations/backdrops.


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